Pengetahuan, Sikap dan Perilaku Penggunaan Obat pada Mahasiswa di Jember


  • Ema Rachmawati Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Jember
  • Amelia Windi Astutik Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Jember
  • Antonius Nugraha Widhi Pratama Fakultas Farmasi Universias Jember



knowledge, attitude, medicine, students


Abstract: The ease of accessing information about medicines has an impact on increasing the practice of self-medication in the community. However, there are still many irrational self-medication practices, including inappropriate drug selection, not being aware of side effects, or the use of antibiotics for self-medication. Students are a group of people with a higher education level who cannot be separated from the use of medicines for self-medication of the disease they are experiencing. This study aimed to determine the knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of drug use among students in Jember and the factors that influence it. This study was a cross-sectional survey using a questionnaire conducted online in April-May 2020. The research respondents were undergraduate students (diploma and strata-1 students) at several universities in Jember. A total of 544 students became respondents in this study. The majority of respondents (344; 63.2%) had "enough" knowledge with an average knowledge value of 5.02 ± 1.71. The attitude of the majority of respondents (353; 64.9%) towards the use of drugs is included in the "enough" category with an average attitude value of 12.74 ± 1.19. The results of the Chi-square test show that the majors taken in university studies are related to knowledge but do not affect attitudes toward the use of medicines. Education about the medication use needs to be improved to increase the correct use of medicines in the practice of self-medication in the community.



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Rachmawati, E., Astutik, A. W. ., & Pratama , A. N. W. (2023). Pengetahuan, Sikap dan Perilaku Penggunaan Obat pada Mahasiswa di Jember. JFIOnline | Print ISSN 1412-1107 | E-ISSN 2355-696X, 15(1), 59–66.